Curved Arrow Press
three covers

We are a new company specializing in the field of organic chemistry. Our first publication is a guided inquiry organic chemistry workbook. This workbook is designed to be an ancillary to a two semester organic chemistry course.

We have consolidated our experience in teaching organic chemistry with how our brains think and created a new teaching paradigm. We have created a multi-tiered, example-based workbook in which students can solve ALL of our mechanism problems. They are solved by logic. Then, as a problem is repeated, students build problem solving skills.

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We have also released a different version of A Guide to Organic Chemistry Mechanisms, with Conventional Curved Arrows which contains the same examples, but the pre-bonds have been replaced with conventional curved arrows. If the guidance provided by the dashed lines appears too different from the usage of your professor, they are absent in this version. As a consequence, you must study each problem more carefully to recognize which atoms are joined in a new bond.

A Handbook of Organic Chemistry Mechanisms is a condensed version of A Guide to Organic Chemistry Mechanisms. This is only the completed mechanisms combined with the explanations that are present in the appendix. This results is an improved flow of ideas from the examples tied to the chemical principles.